"How SAFE is Your Nest Egg?"

Build Wealth With Holistic UNBIASED Education & Discover
How Your Money Personality Empowers You to Make
Smarter Financial Choices…

You’re about to discover…

  • WHY knowing ‘Your Money Personality’ transforms your financial relationships – in business, work and at home…
  • HOW you can climb your very own Ladder of Abundance™ - and why it’s vital to understand how Your Money Personality takes each step…and how you can personalise your Ladder of Abundance
  • The 3 STEPS you must take if you want to control your money – before you set foot into the office of a financial advisor…
  • 4 TRUTHS you must knowbefore you choose (or change) your financial advisor…
  • The REAL winners in the new financial era… and how this affects you… hint: the educated people…
  • The DYNAMIC 3-part process to stay on the right track – so you get closer to your magic figure every single day…
  • 5 MUST-KNOW strategies for playing safe, so you can harness your financial strengths and manage the challenges – regardless of what the markets are doing

An Excellent Program for Boosting My Confidence

"An excellent program to help one gain confidence around money and to understand one's limiting beliefs"

~ Y.W., 42, Secretary 

But Before You Can Understand the How…

You should know the WHATs & the WHYs:

The federal government had to bring in laws so financial planners keep their client’s best interest at heart… shouldn’t this be a given?? Apparently not! …

Financial sharks protect only one thing, their own vested interest in the stock and funds they recommend… because they stand to make a fatter profit…

Frankly my business partner, JP, and I have long moved past the stages of being angry at the lies you’re being fed, day in and out…

We’re livid… So we’ve made it our personal crusade to help educate Australians about their money management choices.

If you want to build wealth you’ve got to stop throwing your money at the wrong guy/stock/system/property/investment, …..AND……

You need to get educated – not only to make INFORMED financial decisions but also so you can understand, and know, that the advice you’re given is right for you.

However, Before You Can Create Your Abundant Life…

You Must Get Smart About…

Self-proclaimed financial gurus – if someone claims to be able to predict the stock market, or an imminent housing boom, practice extreme caution. At the very least you should practice due diligence (in other words, do your research & crunch the numbers) and get a second or third opinion.

Some shoddy advisors and spruikers purposely create inflated propaganda (& prices) to empty your pockets.

Certain institution-employed financial advisors and fund managers – they have to make a living, and they will be charging fees, commissions and brokerage on everything they recommend. Oh, and don’t forget, their employer tells them what they are ‘allowed’ to invest your money in – their products!

Therefore you’ll always wonder if they act in your best interests OR THEIRS.

Politicians – oh how we love them. They have a knack for promising you the world. Better health care. More jobs. Tax cuts. Safeguarding your retirement…

And as soon as they get elected, most seem to suffer from acute and permanent Dementia. Their promises forgotten.

The thing here is: if you want to create an abundant life you must educate yourself and use sources that stand behind you, 100%. You can’t rely on Government!

And you should also know that…

Your Money Personality Could Sabotage Your Efforts

Wealth creation takes more than a sound knowledge of geopolitics, stock market cycles, money policies and macroeconomics.

And before you run off to sign up for an economics degree, let me say, you don’t need to. Creating an Abundant life is not rocket science! BUT you must have your financial foundations in place & understand Your Money Personality.

And remember, you can strategically build wealth when you know what NOT to do as well as what to do.

Your education and self-awareness is key. There are a million sites out there that teach you how to trade and invest. We don’t. But we can help you find the good ones. Without spending a fortune….

If you want to create wealth - get educated first. Your education starts with your money personality. Knowing your money personality empowers you move towards abundance.

Once informed you can make smart choices. The rest is simple mathematics – AND putting systems in place.

I Now Have the Ability to Accentuate My Skills

"I feel lighter! I've discovered and accentuated the skills I've got strength in, the gaps I need to work on, my goals/dreams, and a simple action plan. Love your work, thanks."

~ T.M., 34, Sales and Marketing

So Who are We and Why Should You Trust Us?

My name is Louise Brogan. My business partner, JP, and I have a combined industry experience of over 50 years - in accounting, stockbroking and financial planning.

I’m the founder, co-owner and managing director of ‘All Money Matters’. I’m also the co-founder and co-owner of ‘Your Life Your Money’.

My ‘on-the-job-MBA’ started at the tender age of 15, working for my dad in his stockbroking firm, during my school holidays. When I left school, I studied and worked in the accounting, then stockbroking industries. My hands-on job experience, combined with my studies, has given me extensive experience & expertise in investment advising.

I worked directly on the trading floor for my clients and ran my own investment consultancy business. I was one of only five women members of the Australian Stock Exchange.

After going through the booms and busts of the 1980s and 90s, I left stockbroking to work with a leading company in the alternative health industry. I set up and managed their financial and accounting systems until I founded ‘All Money Matters’ in 1997.

Property development is a relatively recent addition to my CV! Having completed 2 multi-million $ developments in Queensland.

Investing and developing are my passions!

For me, it’s not so much about the money (although the money is great J). It’s so satisfying, and gratifying, to see a block of land, a building or a business reach its full potential – to say to myself “I was a part of that”. It’s a great feeling and we want you to be able to experience that too!

Plus I get to work with some truly wonderful people – our clients!

So, I’m an avid and active investor and have healthy share and property portfolios.

My business partner JP started his accounting career with Deloittes. He has worked with a number of financial planning and accounting firms.

JP is co-owner and a director of ‘All Money Matters Pty Ltd’ and co-founder and co-owner of ‘Your Life Your Money’. He has worked and studied in the accounting and financial planning industries for over 20 years.

JP joined ‘All Money Matters’ as a financial coach in 2000. He’s added his depth of industry and training expertise to our programs, courses and coaching. He’s also an active investor.

How Your Money Personality Profile Relates to
Your Ladder of Abundance™

JP is a qualified “Majors” profiler (“Majors” is like Myers Briggs). He is a pro at profiling people’s money personalities. And that’s where his passion lies. JP just loves helping clients recognise their money personality so they expand their self-awareness and make smarter choices.

I’ll talk more about your money personality shortly…

Aside from being an all-round-cool guy, JP uses his in-depth personality profiling skills and his unique subconscious release techniques to help our clients build wealth.

You should also know, we don’t sell financial products, nor do we get kickbacks or commissions from anyone.

We are not affiliated with any financial institution.

We are…

100% Independent Educational Specialists

Both of us have extensive experience in the areas of personal development and counselling. Previously, JP owned and ran a counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy clinic in Sydney for over 10 years.

JP and I are public speakers, published authors, and have been interviewed on radio.

We provide 100% education. When you work with us you get 100% independent information. Your interests are our first priority. We educate and mentor; but we don’t sell financial products or give investment advice (there are many who will give you advice until you run out of money to pay their fees and commissions).

We are not affiliated with any service providers or financial institutions. So we don’t get kickbacks or commissions. We are simply 100% there, for you.

Financial Management Put in the Right Context. Thanks

"It is great to see financial management put into the context of the whole of life - not a separate box we can hide under the bed."

~ V.B., 39, Consultant

Independent Thinkers Like You Understand Urgency

Today, more than ever, you must arm yourself against volatile markets and ‘get-rich-quick gurus’.

Look at it this way…

  • If you’re fed up with being tricked by financial hucksters who pose as legit business advisers…
  • If you’re determined to secure your nest egg against inflation and uncertainty…
  • If you want to secure your hard earned money…
  • If you’re ready to accept UNBIASED, independent education from industry pros with over 50 years combined industry experience …

Then you want to read on… because you can…

Master Your Money on Your Terms!

After years of coaching clients with great success, and helping them create an abundant life, JP and I have created a simple-to-use, self-paced program called ‘Your Money Mastery’.

‘Your Money Mastery’ is your life raft in a sea of conflicting advice and financial sharks. If you want abundance and wealth, and enjoy a secure retirement lifestyle, then this program is for you.

I Now Have Hope for Financial Independence

"A wealth of information...has given me some hope for financial independence and has inspired me to START NOW!"

~ L.T., 37, Nurse

What’s Inside?

  • Your Life Your Money eCourse – online tutorials you can watch from your Internet-enabled browser
  • Your Money Personality - ‘Taking the Bull by the Horns’ eBook – downloadable PDF
  • 'Creating Abundance & Wealth' visualisation – downloadable audio file
  • 'Your Money Mastery: The Miracles, Marvels, Myths and Mistakes – A Definitive Report' – downloadable PDF
  • 'Jettison the Jargon' - Your Financial Dictionary – downloadable PDF
  • 'Your Financial History' - map your financial development
  • 3 x Mentor Emails – to be used within the first 3 months of purchase
  • Ongoing Access to our Members-Only Area – access additional tutorials, get a wealth check and access to full profiling of your money personality, plus additional services and products

When you invest into this program you get unlimited access to:

The ‘Your Money Mastery’ Program Gives You

  • Secure financial foundations from which you can design your dream life - thanks to our integrated, holistic approach to managing your money
  • Crucial insights into your money personality profile, with plenty of ‘a-ha’ moments that answer your silent questions about money and you
  • Peace of mind because our tools give you the power and control to build a solid financial foundation
  • Access to reliable information and proven results
  • Freedom from the fear of “not enough,” and relief from the stress of uncertainty
  • Step-by-step education; revisit your tools any time and re-do as many times as you need – in the privacy of your own home
  • Easy-to-use-templates and tools to simplify the way you build wealth
  • Mindset mentoring to help you focus on the important money stuff, so you can leverage the time you have to get the best results

You’ve Given Me Confidence and Know How

"It brought together the bits and pieces I have read and given me the confidence to go and do something positive about investing."

~ M.L., 44, Architect

How Much Does it Cost?

Rather than worrying about the cost of this program you should see it as an investment. Investments pay you dividends & profits. A cost is an expense. A smart investment pays you back tenfold.

And that’s exactly what ‘Your Money Mastery’ is: an investment that empowers you to multiply your money, with the foundations of getting a savvy education.

Your investment for the program is money spent wisely. In fact, the money you invest now could pay for a nice holiday a year from now – thanks to the money you’ll save after you educate yourself about managing your money smarter.

Or you can use your increased cash flow to get rid of that debt – once and for all, bulk up your superannuation, invest in shares, or do whatever it is you want. We’ll show you how to increase your cash flow – but what you do with your extra cash is up to you.

So, for a small, one-time investment of $297, you can get access to ‘Your Money Mastery’ immediately, and take a giant step towards your abundant life - today.

What I Learned About the Rich and Powerful During
My Years as a Stock Broker

During my time in stockbroking, I have seen fortunes made and lost. I’ve also gained a thorough understanding of what it takes to be affluent and live an abundant life.

I got insights into the workings of our economy. And I got up close and personal with some heavy hitters – people you’d call rich.

In short: I’ve rubbed shoulders with the people who wield true financial power in Australia.

Needless to say, my position gave me interesting insights into the world of finance, and the stock market’s natural ebb and flow. It also opened many doors to me.

Since leaving stockbroking, I have maintained those quality connections. More important than my financial Rolodex, I know the system inside out. I know how it can work for and against you.

From time to time…

You Will Hear “Australia is Headed for a Fiscal Disaster”


It will only make you feel scared and depressed.

The media is out to sell papers. They use headlines to attract attention. This is why you need our program. So, no matter what happens in the world of finance, you will stay safe and secure - provided you have our recommended financial foundations in place AND work them and live them.

You’ll always find good investment opportunities, no matter what the market is doing. The key is having an intimate knowledge of your finances so you know whether your decisions are the right ones for you.

One thing’s for sure… and I want to really stress this point to you - For heaven’s sake, don’t follow the herd. It’s a sure way NOT to make MONEY.

You make money by being a contrarian!​

It’s Never Too Late to Get Started!

"The shift from believing that winning the lottery was the only way I would ever get out of financial struggle, to actually managing my cash flow and setting and achieving realistic financial goals was unbelievably empowering.

For me, the most powerful part of the work was facing my cash flow. Previously, my idea of financial planning was to circle pay days on the calendar, pay bills late and buy a lottery ticket every week! Working with Louise and JP showed me that it is never too hard, or late, to achieve financial goals.

I feel as if I am much more in control of my money, the feeling of struggle and powerlessness has lessened."

K.A., 55, Fund Raising and Promotions

Stop Worrying About What Everybody Else is Doing,
Focus on
Your Nest Egg

Here’s why:

I’ve already talked about newspapers and the media, and how they create hype to sell more papers. The financial investment industry uses cleverly disguised marketing tricks and techniques to lure you in buying their products. Frankly, many of them are unnecessary to live your abundant life – so don’t get hooked into the HYPE!

We’ll educate you about the essential tools you need, and when to keep your money in your pocket.

Get Peace of Mind With Our 200% Money-Back Guarantee

Look we want to make it really easy for you to say, “YES!” to us.

So we put our money where our mouth is. You get our 200% Money-Back Guarantee if you join us today. Here’s how it works…

If within 30 days of your purchase you’re not completely satisfied with the ‘Your Money Mastery’ program, we’ll refund the program cost to you 100%.

And if, in the unlikely event you haven’t been able to find savings in your cash flow equal to 10 x the cost of this program in the first 12 months, then we’ll give you a 200% refund on the cost of the program – provided you can show us you have successfully completed all the exercises, carried out all the suggested activities, and read all the required material (by sending it all to us as evidence and for evaluation).

Here’s the thing, if you take action and implement it all, you’re going to make money. It’s that simple. We give you 200+ reasons to commit to your secure financial future, now.​

I Can Now Follow the Principles of Successful People

"I feel an AHA about how I can organise my finances to follow the principles of successful people."

~ T.W., 47, Independant Contractor

Not Sure? We Answer Some of Your Questions…

Q: I don’t have the time, so will the ‘Your Money Mastery’ program work for me?

Our program will work for you if you’re prepared to work it. What I mean by this is: we’re not offering you a get-rich-quick solution. Nor will we offer you financial advice. As I’ve said, when you work with us, you get 100% independent information & education. Your interests are our first priority. We offer you education so you can make smart money decisions that work for you.

Q Do I have to become a share trader or property guru, because I’m just not interested in that stuff?

No, of course you don’t have to turn yourself inside out to become something you don’t want to be. As I’ve already mentioned, the key to your abundant life is your money personality. Frankly, if you’re clueless about investing and managing share or property portfolios, and you have no interest in learning that much detail, then stop right there! You’ll probably lose your shirt! We don’t want to force you to become something you’re not. What we do want is to help you get educated. So you can make the right financial choices for you & find a financial adviser who will act in your best interest.

Q: I can’t afford it. Finances are tight right now.

We appreciate your concerns – but let me ask you this: CAN YOU really afford not to invest in this course? If you’re struggling with your cash flow now, then you’ve probably made some bad money choices in the past. Our program is designed to put more money in your pockets by showing you how to build your financial foundations. So much so, we’re confident you will be able to save the money you spend to buy this program now within the next 12 months. And ‘find’ 10 x the cost of this program in additional savings …

Q: This all sounds great and makes sense, but I want wealth and success now. So how long will this take until I see results?

Can I ask you something? Would you expect to go and win a national body building competition when you haven’t done any exercise for the last 5 years? I guess it’s fair to say you won’t. Your financial education and building your financial foundations takes time. You have to train (study & do the practice) and build your muscles. All of this takes time and a measure of skills.

To be honest, if you’re not prepared to do the training, then you might as well continue dreaming about abundance.

Our program is for serious and savvy people who understand that educating themselves increases their chances of an abundant life many times, as opposed to spending money on lottery tickets every weekend.

Ultimately though, securing your nest egg takes education, knowledge and action. And we show you how inside the ‘Your Money Mastery’ program.

Your Abundance is HIDDEN Inside Your Money Personality

As soon as you complete the checkout process you can access your program in the membership area. Getting started as easy as 1-2-3. ‘Your Money Mastery’ is your lifeboat program to build the foundations of a life of abundance you crave and dream about. Secure your nest egg by understanding your money personality first. Because your profile is comparable to genetic coding, which determines how you take in information and how you make decisions.

Get educated and empowered to make smarter money decisions. It will improve your cash flow, increase your lifestyle, and give you peace of mind.

We will be there for you, every step of the way.

Get started now.

We look forward to helping you create abundance.​

Louise & JP

P.S. Secure your financial foundations so you can design your dream life, thanks to our integrated, holistic approach to managing your money. For a small, one-time investment of just $297 you’ll gain crucial insights into your money personality profile, experience plenty of a-ha moments to answer your silent questions about money and get peace of mind because our tools give you the power and control to build a solid financial foundation

P.P.S. If money is tight for you right now, or if you’re still a little unsure whether this program is right for you, you’ll love that we put our money where our mouth is.

As a member of ‘Your Money Mastery’ you’ll be covered by our 200% Money-Back Guarantee. We give you 30 days to test drive the program and if you’re not 100% satisfied simply contact us and get a full refund.

And - if you run with this for the next 12 months and not save at least 10 x your investment during that time, you get a 200% refund - provided you can show us you have successfully completed all the exercises, carried out all the suggested activities, and read all the required material (by sending it all to us as evidence and for evaluation).

Unique Process and Deep Healing to Help Me Integrate Body, Mind & Spirit
to Act Responsibly Around Money

"The program process has a uniqueness I have not found elsewhere. Since starting this process, I have taken back my personal power and, with it, my financial security. I now have an awareness of my beliefs about money and the understanding about how those beliefs operate in my life and how I utilise them to my benefit.

The program has facilitated a deep healing and integration of body, mind and spirit, resulting in a greatly increased ability within me to act responsibly around my money matters and giving me a true belief in abundance.

I now experience a deep sense of security and confidence in my abilities to cope with my finances, knowing that I will be able to get support when I need it."

~ G.H., 53, Counselor and single mother of 2.

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