"I feel an AHA about how I can organise my finances to follow the principles of successful people."

T.W., 47, Independant Contractor
"A wealth of information...has given me some hope for financial independence and has inspired me to START NOW!"

L.T., 37, Nurse
"I really value having these words and concepts explained to me... without the hype, and in a real way."

K.C., 34, Artist and Art Teacher
"The shift from believing that winning the lottery was the only way I would ever get out of financial struggle, to actually managing my cash flow and setting and achieving realistic financial goals was unbelievably empowering.

For me, the most powerful part of the work was facing my cash flow. Previously, my idea of financial planning was to circle pay days on the calendar, pay bills late and buy a lottery ticket every week!

Working with Louise and JP showed me that it is never too hard, or late, to achieve financial goals.

I feel as if I am much more in control of my money. the feeling of struggle and powerlessness has lessened."

K.A., 55, Fund Raising and Promotions
"The Your Life Your Money process has a uniqueness I have not found elsewhere. Since starting this process, I have taken back my personal power and, with it, my financial security. I now have an awareness of my beliefs about money and the understanding about how those beliefs operate in my life and how I utilise them to my benefit.

The program has facilitated a deep healing and integration of body, mind and spirit, resulting in a greatly increased ability within me to act responsibly around my money matters and giving me a true belief in abundance.

I now experience a deep sense of security and confidence in my abilities to cope with my finances, knowing that I will be able to get support when I need it."

G.H., 53, Counselor and single mother of 2.
"Many thanks for your support and patience. It has been a great inspiration to have you as a mentor, and I look forward to working with you further."

C.F., 36, Business Owner
"I gained different perspectives on money - permission to take control of my finances.."

L.A., 47, Secretary
"An excellent program to help one gain confidence around money and to understand one's limiting beliefs"

Y.W., 42, Secretary
"It brought together the bits and pieces I have read and given me the confidence to go and do something positive about investing."

M.L., 44, Architect
"I have never known how to start what I have learned here. Now I do, I will make the most of my finances and not just think 'she'll be right'. I now know I can control my destiny. Thanks!"

B.M., 28, Butcher
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